About Lakeside Robotics

Lakeside Robotics is a privately-owned corporation based in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Our company does a mix of open source software, commercial software, standards, and classes.

Chief Executive Officer: Tammy L Sweet

Tammy L Sweet oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. Tammy has a diverse educational background including business, computer science, life sciences, and nutrition. Prior to becoming the CEO, Tammy worked as a systems analyst for Easy Software Products from 1995 to 2011, becoming co-owner in 2007. Tammy was the president of the Morgan Hill, California chapter of the Las Madres organization from 2008 to 2011 and she has been active in the local homeschooling community since 2015.

Chief Technology Officer: Michael R Sweet

Michael R Sweet oversees all technical work and is the primary technical contributor at Lakeside Robotics. Michael is probably best known as the creator of CUPS, the de-facto standard printing system for Linux®, macOS®, and Unix®. Michael has written several books and started, contributed to, and developed many open source projects over the years. Michael was also involved in the creation of the Internet Printing Protocol, AirPrint™, IPP Everywhere™, IPP 3D, IPP-USB, Wi-Fi Direct Print Services, and many other standards.

Michael served as the chair of the IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group from 2010 to 2015 and has been the secretary of the PWG's Internet Printing Protocol workgroup since 2010. Michael is also one of two IETF designated experts in the world for network printing.

Work History

TodayLakeside Robotics Corporation — Owner/CTO
  • Developed LPrint, PAPPL, and PDFio
  • Co-developed new AirPrint™ PDF printer
  • Continued PWG IPP software contributions
2019Apple Inc. — Senior Engineer
  • Co-developed AirPrint™ for iOS® and macOS®
  • Co-developed IPP Everywhere™
  • Co-developed IPP-USB for macOS®
  • Contributed to Wi-Fi Direct Print Services
  • Contributed to HTTP standards
  • PWG IPP software contributions
  • Prototyped 3D printing using IPP
  • Wrote CUPS Programming Manual
  • Filed dozens of patents

2011Easy Software Products — Owner
  • Developed CUPS and CUPS DDK
  • Developed ESP Print Pro
  • Developed EPM
  • Developed original Gimp-Print plug-in
  • Developed HTMLDOC
  • Developed Mini-XML and Codedoc
  • Lead development of FLTK
  • Developed ESP Print
  • Developed ESP Modeler
  • Wrote CUPS and serial programming books
  • Co-wrote 2 OpenGL SuperBible books
  • Taught OpenGL programming classes


1995Dyncorp — Software Engineer
  • Developed multiple 3D aircraft display programs with multi-channel audio
  • Developed prototype digital harbor monitoring/safety systems
  • Developed AI simulations for generating realistic test data
  • Developed real-time data aggregation system with UDP/IP distribution
1990TASC — Consultant
  • Developed shared memory database with natural language interface